High Performance through Play: The Skittle Game in the Workplace

Welcome to the world of fun and play at work, where the Skittle game takes centre stage! 

In this article, I'll explore why incorporating fun and play into the office is enjoyable and crucial for fostering a positive work environment and driving high-performance. So, let's delve into the colourful world of Skittles and discover how it can benefit both the business and the employees. 


Work doesn't have to be all serious and stern. Infusing fun and play into the office environment has proven benefits. It boosts employee morale, enhances creativity, and promotes a sense of camaraderie among team members. According to a survey by Gallup, organisations with engaged employees experience 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability [1]. By introducing playful elements, leaders can create a positive workplace culture that nurtures employee happiness, engagement, and overall well-being. 

The Skittle Game: Unleashing Team Dynamics: 


Let's dive into the Skittle game and explore its magic! 

The game is simple: Each participant picks a Skittle from the bowl, and depending on the colour, shares something unique. This game is an excellent icebreaker and can be incorporated at the start of meetings to energise and engage the team. Let's take a closer look at the Skittle colours and their significance: 

  • Red Skittle: Share five things you absolutely rock at! It's time to shine and celebrate your skills and strengths. Acknowledging individual talents boosts confidence and encourages a positive self-image. 
  • Yellow Skittle: Share a goal you've accomplished that brought you immense pride and joy! Reflecting on achievements fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivates further growth and success. 
  • Blue Skittle: Share the name of a book that has influenced your thinking or inspired you. The power of knowledge is immense, and sharing book recommendations can spark intellectual discussions and inspire continuous learning. 
  • Green Skittle: Share a fun fact about yourself that most people wouldn't expect! Breaking the ice and sharing unique aspects of our lives can foster a sense of connection and build stronger relationships within the team. 
  • Purple Skittle: Share a valuable lesson from a past challenge or failure. Embracing failures as learning opportunities promotes resilience and growth, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Gather your awesome team for an exciting meeting and make sure each member gets their own colourful bowl filled with delicious Skittles. After all, we want to keep things hygienic and avoid any hand-sharing scenarios! Now, it's time to crank up the excitement by introducing the fabulous Skittle game. You can either plan an entire meeting dedicated to this thrilling game or incorporate it as an irresistible addition to the agenda. Let the laughter and competitive spirit fill the room as you dive into this unforgettable Skittle adventure with your incredible team!

The Link Between Fun at Work and Increased Performance:

Fun and play at work have a direct correlation with increased performance. Research by the University of Warwick reveals that happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts [2]. By incorporating enjoyable activities like the Skittle game, leaders can boost employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction, leading to improved performance and productivity. 


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Incorporating fun and play into the workplace is a game-changer! The Skittle game serves as an engaging tool to foster team dynamics, promote communication, and unleash the unique qualities of individuals. By embracing a culture of fun and play, leaders can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and inspired. The benefits extend beyond individual satisfaction, impacting the overall success of the business. 


Fun at work has a ripple effect on employee well-being. It reduces stress, boosts morale, and improves work-life balance. Studies have shown that happy employees take fewer sick days, exhibit higher levels of job satisfaction, and are more likely to stay with the company long-term [3]. Creating an environment that prioritises employee happiness and enjoyment can significantly reduce turnover rates and recruitment costs, ultimately benefiting the business's bottom line. 

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, fun and play are not frivolous distractions from work but essential elements that drive success. The Skittle game serves as a powerful tool to promote engagement, boost performance, and strengthen relationships among team members. By prioritising fun at work, leaders create a culture where employees are motivated, innovative, and connected. So, the next time you reach for a Skittle, remember the impact it can have on your team and unleash the power of play in your workplace! 

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