Unleashing the Power of Play: How to Create a Fun and Playful Workplace for a Happier and More Productive Team

Hello and welcome to this fun and playful blog post on how to make your workplace a more enjoyable place to work! 

As a leader, it's important to recognize the benefits of creating a happy workplace for your employees.  


Research shows that happy employees are more productive, and engaged, and have better job satisfaction. In fact, happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts! 

So, let's dive in and explore some ways to bring more fun and playfulness into the workplace.  


Hybrid Workplaces 

As many companies move towards a hybrid work model, it's important to find ways to make both in-person and remote work environments enjoyable for employees.  

Here are some ideas: 

  1. Virtual game nights - Host virtual game nights for employees to participate in, regardless of their location. Games like virtual charades or trivia can be a great way to bring employees together and have some fun. 
  2. Home office decoration contest - Encourage employees to decorate their home offices and submit photos for a chance to win a prize. This can help create a sense of community among remote workers and provide a fun way to personalize their workspaces. 
  3. Virtual talent show - Host a virtual talent show where employees can showcase their skills, whether it's playing an instrument or doing a stand-up comedy routine. This can help build connections between team members and create a sense of shared experience. 
  4. In-person team-building activities - For in-person team members, consider hosting outdoor team-building activities like scavenger hunts or obstacle courses. These can be a great way to promote teamwork and have some fun outside of the office. 
  5. Casual dress days - Encourage employees to dress casually one day a week or month to help promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 
  6. Bring your pet to work day - If your office allows it, consider hosting a "bring your pet to work day" where employees can bring their furry friends into the office. This can help boost morale and provide a fun break from work. 


Face-to-Face Workplaces 

For face-to-face workplaces, there are plenty of ways to create a fun and playful environment. Here are some ideas: 

  1. Office Olympics - Host a day of fun games and competitions, like office chair races or paperclip basketball, to create a fun and engaging atmosphere. 
  2. Office potlucks - Encourage employees to bring in their favourite dishes for a potluck lunch. This can help promote a sense of community and provide a break from the normal routine. 
  3. Desk decorating contest - Encourage employees to decorate their desks for a chance to win a prize. This can help promote creativity and provide a fun way to personalize workspaces. 
  4. Friday happy hour - Host a happy hour at the end of the workweek to help employees unwind and socialize with one another. 
  5. Volunteer day - Organize a day for employees to volunteer at a local charity or non-profit. This can help boost morale and provide a sense of purpose beyond the workplace. 
  6. Group outings - Plan group outings to local attractions like amusement parks or museums. This can help promote teamwork and provide a fun break from work. 


Benefits of a Happy Workplace 

Creating a fun and playful workplace isn't just about having a good time – it can also have significant benefits for your company. Here are some statistics that show the positive impact of a happy workplace: 

  1. Happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. (University of Warwick)

  1. Happy employees take an average of 1.25 fewer sick days per year than unhappy employees. (Gallup) 

  1. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. (Dale Carnegie) 

  1. Companies with high employee engagement have a 22% higher profitability than those with low engagement. (Gallup) 

  1. Happy employees are more likely to stay with their company long-term. In fact, companies with engaged employees have a 41% lower turnover rate than those with disengaged employees. (Globoforce) 

  1. Happy employees are better problem solvers. Studies show that positive emotions are linked to increased creativity and improved problem-solving abilities. (University of California, Berkeley) 

  1. Happy employees are better communicators. When employees feel positive emotions, they are more likely to communicate effectively with their colleagues and clients. (University of Warwick) 


By creating a fun and playful workplace, you can help improve these important factors and create a more productive and engaged workforce. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, creating a fun and playful workplace is essential for promoting productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. Whether you are leading a hybrid, in-person, or fully remote team, there are plenty of ways to make work more enjoyable for your employees. By hosting virtual game nights, encouraging desk decorating contests, or simply dressing casually on Fridays, you can help create a relaxed and fun atmosphere that promotes positive emotions and stronger connections between team members. 

Remember, the benefits of a happy workplace are numerous, from improved productivity and profitability to reduced turnover rates and better problem-solving abilities. By prioritising the happiness of your employees, you are also prioritizing the success of your company.

So go ahead and start implementing some of these fun and playful ideas into your workplace. Your employees will thank you, and you will see the positive impact on your business. Here's to a happier and more productive workforce! 

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